The Sikh Student Association formally established itself as a student organization at UC Santa Cruz this academic year.

March 01, 2012

SSA members February 2012
Members of the Sikh Student Association at a general meeting at UC Santa Cruz.
The SSA serves as a place for Sikhs/Punjabis and all students interested in Sikh/Punjabi issues, culture, and ideology to come together to share and learn from each other.  SSA holds the concept of "sangat" or spiritual community in high regard, encouraging people of all backgrounds to become members, and encouraging all members to actively participate in events throughout the year.
The SSA holds samosa fundraisers throughout the year.  We also hold "Sakhi Nights" which serva as a homely, friendly, open forum for members to share stories/parables from Sikh history, as well as to discuss Sikh philosophy and scripture.  We are also planning to hold an event about Punjab's agrarian crisis in April.  It is currently also collaborating with UC Berkeley's SSA's on a pan-SSA conference also scheduled for April. We plan to hold a similar event in the fall
We hope that the SSA will become a well established and well respected group on campus, not only as a faith-based organization for Sikhs, but as an active contributor to the whole campus' ethnic diversity, engaging the larger community through service and education